Politicking Oath


Collaborating artists

Commissioned by: 2Faced Dance Company

Concept,Choreography, Direction: Freddie Opoku-Addaie

Music,Sound Design: Alberto Bernal

Lighting Design: James Mackenzie

Collaborative Original Cast: Nathan French, Dan Lowenstein, Lewis Wilkins

Commissioned by 2Faced Dance Company as part of hr1, a Dancing for the Games Programme, part of the West Midlands Culture programme for London 2012.

Politicking Oath formed part of a triple bill In The Dust alongside Subterrania by Tom Dale and 7.0 by Tamsin Fitzgerald.


Zoo Venues, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

National Tour, September to November 2011:

Bedales Olivier Theatre, Petersfield; Octagon, Yeovil; Corn Exchange, Newbury; Courtyard Arts Centre, Hereford; Town Hall, Loughborough; The Bay Theatre, Weymouth; Dancexchange, Birmingham; Lakeside, Nottingham; South Holland Centre, Spalding; Dance City, Newcastle; Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal; Playhouse, Alnwick; The Maltings, Berwick; Queens Hall, Hexham; Malvern Theatres, Malvern; New Wolsey, Ipswich; Marlowe, Canterbury; Pavillion, Rhyl; Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield; Assembly Rooms, Ludlow; The Place, London; The Castle, Wellingborough.

Politicking Oath takes as its starting point the spirit and emotion expressed by the Olympic Oath, but the work opens up and deconstructs its serious claim by inviting free associations, irony and occasional absurdity. In a close relationship, Freddie and the composer Alberto Bernal explored random Olympic events and sounds and try to unearth the energy contained in the oath. They used anthems, sport sounds and physical sports language and re-choreographed them by freezing, fragmenting or layering.

“Tamsin Fitzgerald, the Artistic Director invited me to create a work for their first ever triple bill with outside choreographers which included Tom Dale, Tamsin and Myself. I invited Alberto Bernal as composer who I was on the ENPARTS Campus in Belgrade 2010 with and created the score for ‘Absent Made Present’ ROH Associate commission work 2012.” Freddie




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