Remaining Energy


Collaborating artists

Concept and direction: Freddie Opoku-Addaie

Choreography: Freddie Opoku-Addaie in collaboration with performers

Performers: Raquel Miro Roca, Ricardo Da Silva, Joseph Yuan Toonga, Maria Olga Palliani

Sound Design: Kweku Aacht

Commissioned by Barbican Art Gallery, to respond to Leandro Erlich’s installation at Dalston House.


1 Aug 2013, Leandro Erlich installation, Dalston House, London

By Freddie Opoku-Addaie

“When I was invited to make a work responding to Leandro Erlich’s installation Dalston House I decided to go for a walk around the local area and reflect on my artistic practise. It made me remember the dynamic relationship I’ve had with Dalston since 1992 when my mum used to drag me shopping at Ridley Road Market every Saturday morning. Even though the area has been going through gentrification one thing that continues to be present is the unique and unpredictable energy of the area. I therefore decided to create a piece that gives a sense of the vibrant playfulness of the area. It is a particularly East London energy which I cannot describe but which I wanted to bring some of to this Dalston House space, to explore how this is still present in the people living around the area (and literally next door!). Dalston has this spontaneous energy and I am always trying to find ways to create a similar dynamic energy in my work. So you could say that this truly rich cultural dynamic of the area has been influential on my work.” Freddie


“The tension of the dance-on-top-of-the-art-ness is softened through an embracing of context as subject matter: Dalston as place, as history, as home.” Bellyflop, read full review ›




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