Fidelity Project

Fidelity Project. Photo by Benedict Johnson

Collaborating artists

Choreography & Performers: Freddie Opoku-Addaie & Frauke Requardt

Costume & Set design: Justin Arienti

Composition & Sound Design: Ben & Max Ringham

Lighting Design: Angela Anson

Mentor: Graeme Miller

Live Operated Score Sequence: Salvado Alejandro Garza Fishburn

Live Operated Lighting Sequence: Angela Anson

Vocal Coaching: Jamie McCarthy

Commissioned by: The Place Prize (sponsored by Bloomberg)

Supported and developed during ChoreoRoam 2009


Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells, London – 29-30 May 2012

The Place COMMA 40, Bloomberg Space, London – 24 Nov 2011

Bold Tendencies 5, Peckham Multi-Storey Car Park, London – 24 Sept 2011

B. Motion (Operaestate Festival Veneto), Bassano del Grappa, Italy – 25 Aug 2011

The Place Prize Finals, London – 6-16 Apr 2010

Premiere: The Place Prize Semi-Finals, London – 9-18 Sept 2010

By Freddie Opoku-Addaie & Frauke Requardt

A dance relationship with the two performers making split-second choreographic decisions based on guesswork, trust and their memories of physical negotiations.

“Frauke and I intentionally had little preparation on the work prior to our meeting at the ChoreoRoam residencies, a principle we kept in its realisation for The Place Prize.  This meant that the material was created in instant bursts of short physical duet dialogues. The main resolution in deciding whether to stay with specific material was whether we liked it and the parameter of being as accurate as possible to its redoing from memory.” Freddie


“This energetic to and fro is at once intimate and innocent, simple and clever, and reaches its playful climax just as the corn starts to pop, erupting like fireworks.” Independent on Sunday

“Opoku-Addaie and Requardt’s Fidelity Project is a sort of capoeira-gone-haywire duet about duetting in all its forms – with a popcorn-maker thrown in.” The Daily Telegraph

“Hit of the night with me and the audience as good dancers collided with interesting idea and design.” magazine

 “The two choreographers locked in a retributive, kinetic duel, causing each other the kind of suffering that only deep familiarity can engender.” The Guardian

“They possess an unassuming naiveté that is incredibly engaging and convincing, allowing us to enter their whimsical world.”


Fidelity project Benedict Johnson (19)


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