Unplugged Bodies


Collaborating artists ‘Unplugged Bodies’ (Phase 1)

Choreography & Performers: Freddie Opoku-Addaie & Kyoung Shin Kim

Lighting Design: Lucy Hansom

Lighting Operator: Baek Hee Ryu

Photographer: Young Kyu Park

Supported by: Arts Council Korea, Mullae Arts Space, Seoul, Korea



Premier: 25 May 2014, Modafe International Dance Festival in Seoul, Korea ›


By Freddie Opoku-Addaie and Kyoung Shin Kim

Creation across two continents, Freddie co-creates a new work with award–winning South Korean dancer/choreographer Kyoung Shin Kim.

Unplugged Bodies explores what happens to a personal and artistic friendship when it has been separated by geographical distance, different artistic journeys and different cultural upbringing.  Edgy, honest, unpredictable and laced with humour, Unplugged Bodies will be an intensely physical dialogue between two outstanding performers.

This new work is the third in Freddie’s trilogy of personal explorations of unlikely and uncompromising friendships; he worked with Jorge Crecis to create Bf, and with Frauke Requardt on Fidelity Project, a finalist of the Place Prize sponsored by Bloomberg in 2010/11. Internationally acclaimed performer Kyong-Shin Kim, has formerly worked with Russell Maliphant, Hofesh Schechter and Diversions Dance Company.

Unplugged Bodies will be re-created and developed across three international residencies, each adding a new dimension to the project. The performances at Modafe Festival are the first iteration of the project.

 “The first month together in the studio in Seoul has been another education in getting to know Shin, the present dance artist. Where we were as dance performers and makers when we met in 2005, is not where we are now.  The saying is true, opposites attract!  So we have set ourselves cohesive parameters to use our individual tools and physical language, to ensure that we always consider the when it’s in, where it’s in and the why.” Freddie


it was hard to believe that ‘Unplugged Bodies’ was first joint-choreography of Kyoung Shin Kim and Freddie Opoku-Addaie. Despite the title ‘Unplugged Bodies’ their performance and move was completely plugged. Their movement seemed like a dance and arranged choreography.But at the same time it didn’t look like a dance and seemed more of a impulsive movement. Audience were stunned by their move and eventually absorbed to the stage. There performance, which depicts the relationship of bodies and movements, even draw the reactions of audiences into their evloutionary process. It will exciting to see 2nd and 3rd stage after the fascinating first stage.

Dance Magazine <MOMM> editor Danwoo Yun

 <Unplugged Bodies>가 김경신과 프레디 오포쿠 아데가 처음 선보이는 공동안무작이라는 것이 믿기지 않는다. 제목은 <Unplugged Bodies>지만 무대 위에서 둘은 완벽히 ‘plugged’된 채 움직인다. 그들의 몸짓은 춤 같기도, 춤이 아닌 것 같기도, 또 약속된 안무 같기도, 그렇지 않고 즉흥적인 몸짓 같기도 하다. 관객들은 어리둥절해하다 어느새 그들의 무대에 빨려든다. 몸의 관계와 움직임의 진화를 이야기하는 그들의 무대는 관객들의 반응까지 진화의 과정으로 끌어들인다. 첫 번째 무대가 끝나고 두 번째와 세 번째 무대는 어떤 모습일지 기대된다.

Dance Magazine <MOMM> editor Danwoo Yun


Unplugged Bodies at MODAFE International Festival, South Korea


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